Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update 4/13

Here is my next installment:

In this version, I am especially proud of my lighting effects on the rabbit. In the shot where the first dumbell is starting to float, the rabbit really looks like he is in the room with me (despite the fact that he is not moving). The only thing that scene really needed to complete the feeling of the cartoon being in the room with me, was to have the rabbit's shadow cast on the wall behind him like this:

Also, you will notice that in Rowdy Rabbit's first shot, his lips are now in sync with his dialog. Unfortunatly, toneing down his brightness, to make him look more realistic, resulted in unexpectedly ruining the ghosting effect at the beginning of that scene. So, I started experimenting with different effects to try and fix it:

...and it was during this experimentation that I accidentally created a particularly interesting effect. It's kinda like... ...umm... ...well... ...just watch:

weird isn't it?

Well, that's about all there is to say, for now.

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